Plant Parenting Kit
Plant Parenting Kit

Plant Parenting Kit

Give a romantic gift that keeps growing this year. Perfect for plant lovers of all skill levels, the Plant Parenting Kit includes a Season Pass to the Steward app along with up to 3 plants selected to thrive in the recipient’s unique home environment. Customers have called the Steward app "genius" and "like a personal plant masterclass."


What's included? 3-months of Steward membership
Up to 3 Potted plant(s)

Can my recipient pick their plants?

Yes, they can select the plants. Price, size, and selection may vary between geographies. We always get the best price from local plant shops and never markup on prices. 

Where do plants come from? 

Steward works with local plant shops for delivery, to ensure the happiest, healthiest plants. 

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