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We combine technology with friendly guidance to take the guesswork out of growing.

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Ready to be a better plant parent?

If you want more plants in your home, or you’re tired of buying plants only to have them struggle, you’re in the right place.

We created Steward to take the guesswork out of plant parenting so you can turn your home into a flourishing green oasis. Join Steward

Plant Maps

Plant Maps make matching the right plants with your light and environment simple, and caring for them, easy. With your custom Plant Map you'll see how each zone is ideal for different plants and that just a few feet can mean the difference between withering and thriving. As the seasons change, your Plant Maps update.

Our team nerded out on plant science and light physics to create customized Plant Maps of your exact home.

Just scan your rooms with the Steward app, and start seeing your home from a plant’s perspective.

Plant Maps
Ask Steward

Ask Steward

Ask Steward is like having a plant expert on speed dial. Our team of botanists and Plant Doctors are standing by to field ALL of your plant questions via text, email, or in-app messages.

Because we already understand your space, we’ll quickly diagnose plant ailments, help with any questions, celebrate new leaf growth, and have your back every step of the way.

No bots, real people.

Plant Concierge

Steward doesn’t sell plants directly. Instead, we help you find the happiest plants from hundreds of approved local and online plant shops. From classic to rare plants, we’ve got you! 

We often can get you same day delivery or pickup, we regularly send photos of your exact plant(s), and ensure you always get the best prices. Consider us your plant best friend.

Say hello to only happy plants in your future when you shop based on your Plant Maps.

Plant Concierge
Care Simplified

Care Simplified

Take the guesswork out of growing, and experience the difference when you go beyond generic care advice.

Our care is:
1. Personalized to your exact plants and home.
2. Dynamic by changing every few feet for each plant and updating seasonally.

With Steward, plant care is smart and easy, and you’ll always feel good about your plants.

Meet our friends

Alicia, a happy Steward customer
Copywriter, San Franciso

Before Steward

I struggled with 5 plants in the past year, but wasn’t ready to give up. I found Steward and immediately felt hope. I really wanted to make my living room feel cozier and create a nice Zoom background.

My Steward experience

Steward made me feel so much better. They helped me troubleshoot and solve my plant problems and bring the right plants for me into my home. Since then my plant family continues to grow and my plant wall is amazing! It’s also easy to care for. My plants bring me so much joy and I feel good around them, thanks to Steward.

Molly & Matt, a happy Steward customer
Molly & Matt
Designer & Architect, NYC

Before Steward

We were recommended Steward just weeks after moving into our new apartment. We picked up a Fiddle Leaf Fig at our local plant store the first day we moved in, but sadly it was already beginning to struggle in the first week! We wanted to get more plants but both of us were worried we couldn't keep them alive.

My Steward experience

Steward helped us save our Fiddle Little Leaf and within a week of moving her and less watering, she already started to get better. Since then, we have added 7 more plants to home! We were blown away by how insightful Steward was — this is the best plant care support we’ve ever seen. We struggled to find a Calathea Ornata near us. We asked Steward and they helped hook us up with a beautiful one.

Will, a happy Steward customer
Chef, Nashville

Before Steward

I’ve had a garden for the past two summers and I love growing. I thought growing herbs and plants indoors would come natural to me, but I’ve struggled with keeping them alive more than a few months.

My Steward experience

Turns out, I had plants in all the wrong locations. A few were getting too much sun and my herbs weren’t getting enough. Once I got my Plant Maps, I moved them around and within a week I saw an improvement. I was skeptical at first because I only moved one of them by a few feet. I had no idea that light changes that much indoors. Now I’m exploring all types of new plants and feeling more confident each day.

Let's grow together

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Questions, answered.

Can Steward help me save my dying plants?

Almost* definitely. We pride ourselves on diagnosing and treating plant ailments. What makes us unique in our ability to diagnose issues, is our understanding of your plants and environment. A yellowing leaf on a plant can mean many different things depending on the type of plant. When we know your plant is in a certain growing environment, we can rule out and hone in on the root cause. No more guessing, no more stressing, just happy plants. *Our lawyers made us add that word.

Will you help me buy plants?

Yes! We love connecting people and plants. We don’t sell plants, we match you with them based on your values, budget, lifestyle, location, and growing conditions. We will do everything we can to help you identify and source the exact plants you want. If you want local plants, we love helping you support local businesses. If you want rare plants, no problem, our team has the hookup. If you can’t decide how big of a pot to buy, no problem, we’ve got you every step of the way.

What if I'm not a green thumb?

1) Go easy on yourself. There’s no such thing as a green thumb (it's literally a reference to people's thumbs becoming green from the algae that grows on some pots). Some people just have more experience and patience with plants. But that’s OK, we’ll show you some tricks that even the best growers in the world are impressed with.

2) We promise to never judge you. We’ve built Steward to support people who want to live with happy plants. On that note, we just want to remind you that you had no way of knowing that succulent wouldn’t make it on your coffee table. That’s why you’re getting Steward; we’ll take the guesswork out of caring for your plants.

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