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What makes Steward different? 

Steward goes above and beyond any other plant care company, by personalizing your plant parenting experience based on your home’s exact light and environment and offering ongoing plant expert guidance from our team of botanists and Plant Doctors.

Using your phone’s camera, Steward scans your rooms and creates a Plant Map for each room, with zones of light numbered from 1 (lighter) - 9 (darker) and white “unhappy zones” where no plants will thrive. We take into account every single day of the year and how it changes throughout each season.


Can Steward help me save my struggling plant? 

Almost* definitely. We pride ourselves on diagnosing and treating plant ailments. What makes us unique in our ability to diagnose issues, is our understanding of your plants and environment. A yellowing leaf on a plant can mean many different things depending on the type of plant. When we know your plant is in a certain growing environment, we can rule out and hone in on the root cause. No more guessing, no more stressing, just happy plants. *Our lawyers made us add that word.

Will Steward help me buy plants? 

Yes! We love connecting people and plants. We don’t sell plants directly, we match you with them based on your values, budget, lifestyle, location, and growing conditions. We will do everything we can to help you identify and source the exact plants you want. If you want local plants, we love helping you support local businesses. If you want rare plants, no problem, our team has the hookup. If you can’t decide how big of a pot to buy, no problem, we’ve got you every step of the way.

No markups ever. We only recommend the leafiest, best value plants around that we'd bring into our own homes.

What level of plant parents use Steward? 

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced plant parents use Steward. The best plant parents understand the importance of matching your light and environment with your plants, and Steward is the best way to ensure the happiest plants. Because we personalize your experience, Steward tailors to your experience and goals.

What are seasonal updates?

  • Our home environments are continually changing. Steward captures the total amount of light that comes into your room every day of the year, the sun's changing position in the sky, and changes outside your window such as deciduous trees that will impact your home's conditions from a plant's perspective. The key to happy plants is being proactive and one step ahead of your changing indoor ecosystem. This is a Living Room in San Francisco, California.

Can Plant Doctors help me care for plants that aren't in your plant library? 

Yes, if it's an especially rare plant, then it may take a bit longer to respond thoroughly. We also prioritize adding new plants based on community recommendations. So please feel free to recommend as many plants as you like. If we haven't started mapping that plant's ideal growing conditions already, then we will start. We add new plants weekly already.

Can I see a version of my Plant Map with blinds up or down? 

Yes, we can absolutely do that. You get unlimited Plant Maps so that can be used for the same room or different rooms. If you request that, you’ll be able to swipe between your blinds up or blinds down Plant Map so you can see the difference.

What happens if I move? 

We'll move with you! You get unlimited Plant Maps so if you and your plants change location simply scan again and we'll create Plant Maps of your new home.

Does Steward work anywhere in the world? 

Yes, for indoors we work anywhere in the world!

Can you help me identify plants? 

Yes, we identify any indoor plant by photo.

Can you help me with my outdoor plants? 

Soon, but not yet!

I have another question 

We'd be more than happy to help! You can email our team at or press the chat feature on the bottom right of this page 👉🏼