The reason why most plants struggle

Words by Brendan Coffey

The most common cause of houseplant demise? Putting your green friends in the wrong spot, and it happens to the best of us. Happy plants are easy when you give your plants the light and environment they deserve. 

But plants all have unique needs and every home is different. Knowing where a certain plant will thrive in your home isn’t always intuitive. Our eyes compensate for brightness, which makes it hard to judge light levels. So what may look "bright" to you may not be anywhere close to the "bright" that a certain plant needs. And using a tool like a professional Light Meter doesn't take into account that light changes daily and throughout the year, and it doesn't consider external changing circumstances, such as that deciduous tree outside your window whose leaves block light during certain months of the year. 

Here’s a map showing how light changes throughout the year in one room.

And yes, overwatering certainly plays a role in plant struggles, but more often than not, the root cause of most plant issues is placement. A plant can be pretty forgiving and resilient if you've placed it right. 

Getting the right plant in the right place makes such a difference. 

Ready to see your home from a plant’s perspective? Join Steward and take your plant parenting to the next level. 


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